My loves are God, life, health, family, jewelry and fashion!  Every day I commit myself to stylish dressing and beautiful accessorizing.  This commitment evolved years ago when I needed to supplement my income with part-time work.  My search led me to a Houston jewelry store where I was able to see really exquisite pieces of jewelry, as well as hone my knowledge of precious gemstones and metals.  In fact, I eventually became a certified diamond consultant.  The more I learned, the deeper my LOVE for jewelry grew.  In 2009, this love inspired me to start my own jewelry brand called Lisa Bead Mixer.

Lisa Bead Mixer designs begin with semi-precious gemstones, adorned with glass, crystal, metal pieces or jewelry wire, to create something that you can cherish for years to come. High quality sterling silver or gold-filled findings are used to ensure not just beauty, but also durability.   Each piece of jewelry is individually handmade and styled – there are no mass produced pieces in my collection.  My style influence comes from fashion, jewelry, nature and color.  However, my greatest influence is love of the art and practice of jewelry making.  I pride my collection for providing customers like you with one-of-a-kind art that will make a statement well into the future.  I am committed to customer satisfaction.  If you order a piece of jewelry and you are not happy with its design, I will work with you to re-configure it more to your preferences.  Most pieces are covered by a 6-month limited warranty for material and workmanship.  If for some unforeseen reason a piece is broken and cannot be repaired, I will replace it with a similar, comparable piece (remember – I pride myself for producing one of a kind art – so there is generally not an exact duplicate design).

Jewelry is the art that we carry with us to make a personal statement at all the important times in our life.

Happy bead mixing,